Mother-Daughter Relationship

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Imagine a life without any conflict between parents and their child. The idea of having that good relationship with our parents is rare for most children. In this essay, I will particularly explain my relationship with my mother, which I may describe as a roller-coaster ride. When I was in the Philippines, my relationship with my mother started as rough because I was too immature to understand her. For so many years, all my mother and I had were misunderstandings and arguments that often led to a fight that would last for a long time. I remember some of the arguments we had persuaded both of us unintentionally to utter words that caused us pain. We fought many times when I was a teenager, but everything changed as I grew smarter and more mature. Although we had some never-ending arguments, the communication we have now taught us to be more respectful with each other.

Our harsh relationship turned upside down when we moved here in the United States, knowing that we can only depend on each other. My mother and I became more open with each other's lives, and the misunderstandings lessened to the point that the arguments occurred very rarely. I must say that we became closer with the help of our better understanding and communication. In this essay, I will articulate the reason of my successful relationship with my mother by using a wide range of behaviors, choosing the most appropriate behavior, and empathy.

Using a wide range of behaviors is important because "most current competence research tends to focus on behavioral components of communication competence" (Almeida par. 4). Communicating using the correct way is probably one of the reasons my mother and I are now closer than ever. There are times that we argue, but it...