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Essay by kimiajoon November 2004

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Some people believe that study in their own mother language and in their country would be better for them. How ever, some people have an idea that it is better to study in abroad in English. Both of these positions have advantages and disadvantages.

If students choose to study in their own country with their own language is due to they can understand their majors easier. In addition, when they face to problems, they can go and ask those difficulties from their teachers in their own language instead of feeling shy that may be in their speech. How ever, if there are no facilities in their countries, studying will be difficult for them.

On the other hand, when students want to go to abroad and learn their lessons in English that would be hard, but they increase their knowledge. By studying in another country which people are not familiar with that language, students should find their find several ways of studying to perfectly understand subjects.

They should spend more hours for their lessons rather than have fun with their friends. As a contrast, by not studying in their own countries, they will get ready for life. Additionally, they can live more independently and solve their problems by themselves.

Most People like to study in a country which has a better facilities and valuable degree. They would like to study in a country that all over the world accepts their degrees. Although theses condition that have advantage and disadvantage, it is much better to study in peoples' own countries.