Mother's a guardian angel

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When we think of the words "guardian angel" what comes to mind? Is it words like pure, beautiful, mild, patient, kind, or sweet? Maybe not for most people, but that is what comes to my mind when I think of who I believe is my guardian angel. In her I see the firm, enduring qualities of courage, strength, hope, and especially love.

This particular person has been around for nearly 27 years and not once have I been disappointed. She is a constant in a life that is forever unsteady and changing.

The type of support that is provided by her is remarkable, never-ending and selfless.

The most influential person in my life that has been my "guardian angel" is my mother. It is to her that I can credit almost all of my accomplishments and successes in life. While she has guided me through many situations in life, I have realized that I learn so much from her and still have so much more to gain.

Even though our bond is powerful, I am sure there have been moments when I have put her through so much that she wished the maternal connection could somehow not be as strong, not hurt as bad. But she was there for me none the less, even when I treated her as though I didn't want her concern, her help, or even her love. She kept on giving it, feeling it, enduring it along with me.

I hope that I can return the honor of being her child, through being somewhere close to as good a mother as my mother was and continues to be to me.

In closing, this one particular quote comes to mind that characterizes my mother "It is not how much we do, but how...