Mother's Little Helper

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Mother's Little Helper Scene 1 Mother and father at breakfast.

Frank: Is that fresh coffee, Christ where did I leave the folder for the conference? Mary: Settle down, the folder is in the filing cabinet in the study. Sit down there and I'll get you a cup of coffee.

Frank: I haven't got the time for coffee, I'm running late as it is. I knew I should have left last night. I have to deliver this speech and my head is killing me. What the hell were we drinking anyway? Mary: I don't think it was what we were drinking, you didn't seem to mind what time it was last night! 'Oh, I'll have another one if it's going'! Frank: What has you so high and mighty, I didn't see you putting your hand over the glass when Kitty was topping you up. Anyway, have we got any Panadol or solphedine, my head is splitting.

Mary: In the top press there. Take some solphedine, they work more quickly than the Panadol.

Frank: I hope this goes well today, I knew we shouldn't have gone out last night.

Mary: By the way, there was letter from the school. Their looking for Susan's hockey fees and they also said that she has missed the last three training sessions.

Frank: Typical! The school looking for fees and she doesn't even bother going along! Hang on, I gave her money for hockey fees only two weeks ago.

Mary: You'll have to have to have a word with her. She comes home, she goes out, never says a word to us anymore. I try to have a conversation with her, 'How was school'? and all she'll say is 'crap'. I say 'How is hockey going'?, she says 'crap' and...