Mother Teresa - Her life and times.

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Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was born on August 26, 1910. She was baptised one day after her birth, to the name Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. Born in Chile, into a Catholic family, her father was a businessman who was CEO of a building company, and her mother was a lady called Drana, and she taught Agnes how to be a charitable human being. This would have paved the way for her generous and loving personality.

In 1919, when Agnes was 9, her father died unexpectedly. Drana was left alone to raise Agnes and her two siblings, Aga and Lazar. She worked very hard to bring up a catholic educated family. Every day as a family they would pray and attend church. During the holidays, the family would stay at the Letnice a place of pilgrimage, where Our Mother Teresa was revered.

Agnes enjoyed attending church, as her mother did a lot of charity work, including taking care of neighbours and feeding the locals when they needed food.

When Drana could not go, took her place. Draza unfortunately passes away, and the children were raised in the house as if they were family. Lazar won a scholarship in Austria and Aga followed a commercial school. Agnes went to the Lyceum to study. Together with Aga she was in a Choir.

Agnes' Catholic upbringing provided the foundations for her charitable spirit.

A great part of their time also went to the Legion of Mary. At the age of 18 Agnes decided to be a missionary in India, a decision that would change her life.

On September 25, she left to travel to an abbey near Dublin. While living there, she picked up the religious way of life, and adopted the name Sister Teresa. On the first of December, 1928, she left the...