Mother teresa's vocation.

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A great part of their time also went to the Legion of Mary. She helped a father, who had difficulties with the language, to teach catechism and read a lot about Slovenian and Croatian missionaries in India. At twelve she felt for the first time the desire to spend her life for Gods' work, to give it to Him and to let Him decide. But how could she be sure?

She prayed a lot over it and talked about it with her sister and her mother. And also the father to whom she confessed she asked: "How can I be sure?" He answered: "through your JOY. If you feel really happy by the idea that God might call you to serve Him, Him and your neighbour, then this is the evidence that you have a call." And he added: "the deep inner joy that you feel is the compass that indicates your direction in life".

At 18 it is the day! The decision was made. The last two years she assisted several religious retreats in Letnice and it was clear to her that she would be a missionary for India. On Assumption day in 1928 she went to Letnice to pray for Our Lady's blessing before leaving. She was going to join the Sisters of Our Lady of Loreto, who were very active in India.

September 25 she leaves, accompanied to the station by the whole community: friends, schoolmates, neighbours, young and old and of course her mother and her sister Aga (who will be later a translator and a radio speakerin). And everybody weeps. (Mainly from the book: "A life: Mother Teresa, Lush Gjergi, Albania).

She travels over Zagreb, to Austria, Switzerland, France to London and then to the abbey close to Dublin where the mother house of...