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One of the most controversial questions is that ?Are some children just born bad?? Most serial killers are a victim of or are witnessed to sadistic violence at a very early age. Many other events in childhood may also motivate a serial killer. Ed Kemper, a serial killer as a child took his sister?s dolls? heads off, played execution games and said that he wanted to kiss his second grade teacher but he would have to kill her first. In most cases, the parental abuse is seen barbaric and it also seems little wonder that a serial killer would come from such horrible squalor. As a child, Albert De Salvo; the ?Boston Strangler? was sold as a slave by his alcoholic and abusive dad. Sadistic murderers portray their childhood as a horrifying sexual abuse, torture and a chain of mayhem. But we have to know that childhood abuse is not a direct link to a future in crime although in most instances it is the case.

An example would be that many girls are victimized as children, but only a few grow up to be a sadistic criminal.

Parents who abuse their children physically and psychologically give their kids the idea that violence is a first resort to any challenge that comes up in life. As I will explain in further pages about brain disorders, child abuse also affects the child?s health, which includes brain injuries, malnutrition and other development disorders. These severe injuries to the head usually lead to violent behavior.

Some parents believe that by being harsh disciplinarians, it would ?toughen? the child. But instead, it creates a lack of love and can have disastrous results. Then the child learns not to trust anyone. If their parent gave up on them there is nobody in the world...