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Motivation is having the desire and willingness to do something. A motivated person could be achieving long-term goals, such as becoming a successful writer or manager. What motivates employee in workplace? Yuan A. and Fisher C. (1998) had worked on this topic. They pointed out manager and designer of motivation systems must understand the preference of local employees. Employees' preferences is different across countries depending on culture, economy, political, and management system,

Depending on Lindahl's (1949) list of ten job attributes, Yuan A. and Fisher C. composed a list of ten job attributes: tactful discipline for supervisor, sympathetic help with personal problem from supervisor, interesting work, a feeling of being "in on things", high job security, good wages, good working conditions, full appreciation of work done, personal loyalty to employees from supervisors and the organization, and promotion and growth in skills within the organization. These ten job attributes would be used compared Chinese employees to US employees.

Some tentative hypotheses were proposed about likely importance of the ten job attributes, based on the literature on Chinese culture and management. The good wages, full appreciation of work done, and sympathetic help with personal problem from supervisor are important to Chinese employees. As a result, the statistic shows that good wages and housing subsidy are the most important to all Chinese employees. Comparing with other countries, there is significant difference. In US, employees ranked interesting work as the most important factors. By Chinese supervisors and manager, wage was ranked as the most important for their employees. As expatriate managers, wage was ranked as less important than work condition. As consequences, Chinese management has much better understanding than expatriate.

Due to comparability necessity, ten items were chosen from US research which there is probably Western cultural bias. Other aspects might be salient to...