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Part I Introduction

Work motivation is the psychological forces within a person that determine the direction of the person's behavior in an organization, the person's level of effort, and the person's level of persistence in the face of obstacle (George & Jone 1999). In recent years, 'motivation' has become a frequent and important topic at management seminars and conference. Motivation is important because it explains why workers behave as they do. Motivation determines what workers do and how hard and diligently they do it, but it is not as the same as performance. It is an important factor that contributes to a worker's job performance. In companies, we always heard " He/ She has the ability but just won't apply him/herself', so we know an individual's performance at work depends not only on ability but also on motivation. As a manager, the most important thing is to find some good ways to motivate his/her employees working hard and effectively.

Motivation is vital in any job if people are to give their best to it. Motivation represents the forces acting on or within a person to behavior in a specific, goal-directed manner. The specific work motives of employees affect their performance at work. One job of management is to channel employee motivation effective towards achieving organizational goals.

If I am the head of the human resource department in a large organization, how do I face diversity workforce? What strategies can I use to improve and enhance the performance of the workforce to ensure our company achieves its goals?

Part II Methodology

The methodologies for this assignment are as follows;

1. I have read a lot of books about 'Organizational Behavior' (refer to Bibliography). I try to learn theories of work motivation and motivation tools in order to know how to motivate...