Motivation and Leadership: A case study analysis.

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II.Summary of facts.

III.Statement of the problem.


V.Alternative solutions.

VI.Best solution and its implementation.




The particular case assigned, deals with a business that manufactures pacemakers which are medical devices that are implanted in people's chest, especially to those who have heart problems like arrhythmia. The building has two Floors in which two different leadership tactics are employed on behalf of two supervisors, Mr. Martin and Mr. Franklin. Each supervisor in Floor One and Floor Two follows two completely contradicting policies of management on the employees that they supervise with the proportional outcomes in their productivity.

II. Summary of facts.

In Floor One, there is Mr. Martin who supervises his section and his employees in a very autocratic manner. His schedule is overloaded with many hours of work and too many responsibilities since the construction of pacemakers is a very delicate matter. This is because they have to be reliable when customers for two reasons use them; the first and most important reason is, that the accurate performance of a pacemaker is «a life-and-death matter for the user».

Secondly, if the device operates appropriately, the customers will be satisfied and as a result productivity will have an inclination. But apart from Mr. Martin's responsibility that he has in the company, his managerial policy is very strict and autocratic. He always observes the employees if everything up to the last detail is made correctly without any defects, «he oversees the end-line inspection of the product» which he believes is the most important part of the process, and in combination with his high job morale, he is checking everything each worker is doing. Everybody respect him in such a great point, that some of them are afraid of him if something doesn't go well. Respect though...