Motivation for Career in Dentistry

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For as long as I can remember, one of the people in my life whom I've looked up to most has been my Aunt. Her successes have included areas in her life such as schooling, work, and a wonderful family and home environment. She is a dental hygienist, and I can recall how often she would talk about work and how much she loved her job during the years that I lived closer to her, and even still when we chat on the phone.

I have set similar goals for myself. I knew that going into the dental field was an area of personal interest as far back as 8th grade when I did my first career report. The first thing that I have always noticed when I meet someone new has been his or her smile (or lack of a smile in some cases). I feel that an attractive smile with healthy teeth gives people something that they want to show off and can feel confident about.

That is why I chose to pursue dental hygiene.

As I've grown older this interest has become stronger and also more specific. I've grown to love the work I currently do with children, and what I aspire for most would be to work as a dental hygienist in an office that has a pediatric specialty. In that situation I'd be able to influence children and teach them the importance of preventative maintenance and good oral hygiene at a young age. I'd also be able to work in a field that allows for much flexibility. I hope to be able to take care of my own family and children one day, while still having enough time to work and be able to remain financially stable, with great job security.

I have had...