Motivation Concepts Analysis

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"Motivation is the force that drives a person to do something. It has many different emotions such as: initiative, drive, intensity, persistence that inhibits, neutralizes, or promotes goal-directed behaviors" (Sweetland, 2008). In today's corporate world, all workers are looking at is when is quitting time and how much do I get paid? Since most do not have the desire to succeed They need lots of motivation in their career.

Today we will talk about how facial expressions work. The theory of facial feedback refers to the concept of looking at the facial expressions and judging people's feelings and emotions based on how they seem. The hypothesis says that there is a link between human emotions and facial expressions and theory's argument is that facial expressions are an index of people's emotions. At the airport or in airline industry this theory motivates agents only if they master skills needed to use it properly.

Agents are trained not only to do their basic duties, but also to watch body language and facial expressions of passengers for signs of bad intentions. There are also many other behavior watchers like lounge agents, curbside baggage attendants, or people who fly but are only pretend to be passengers, etc. Very often they are able to identify bad behavior before someone comes to the airport or check -in counter. A passenger, who arouses suspicion in any way, gets subtle but more serious scrutiny. All airline agents are also required to notify their managers or the airport police in case they suspect someone for bad intentions. Even drunk passengers can cause lots of problems; therefore, agents need to watch very carefully whom they check-in.

Facial expressions of people are indicative of their inner feelings and the major disadvantage of this theory and its use in a workplace is...