What is motivation, during sport?

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What motivates a team? Why do school pupils want to play hockey? What makes first team players want to spend their spare time playing Hockey?

Motive: Latin for move, seen as a cause for behaviour that energise, direct and sustain a person's behaviour.(Ruben and McNiel, 1983)

Being motivated is all about knowing what you want and believing in your ability to achieve it. It is very difficult to have motivation without purpose - that just tends to become hyperactivity or restlessness(Oxford Hypnotherapy)

What are the goals, hopes and ambitions of a hockey player? Are these factors that motivate a player? Only a player can tell me this. I will include these questions in my questionnaire. Articles in magazines and newspapers as well as some coaching textbooks often suggest that socialisation is a major value of participating in youth sports. Is it the social aspect of hockey or the desire to win that motivates players? How is this different between school and club hockey?

Through numerous studies and other research over the last twenty years it has been found that children want to play sports to have fun, learn skills, develop fitness, and because they enjoy the sport.

Social aspects are near the bottom of the list, with sportsmanship in the middle. Winning and receiving awards is also near the bottom. Research as concluded that children want the opportunity to participate in competitive sports, and to have fun.

What keeps a player participating in sport once they decide to play? Fundamentally these are the same reasons to why they decide to play; fun, skills, and fitness. If these are not fulfilled then a player will lose interest even more so younger players. The primary factors for players not continuing to play, is because they are not having fun, too much...