Motivation in Mergers.

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An analysis of both staff motivation and job function design in the business development sector through the current business re-engineering process.

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3.Local Situation

4.Managerial Situation


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As you are aware a new compnay has recently been formed by the merger of olefin assets; that of Belenac a world leading polyethylene producers (Multiple share owners), Pontell (daughter company of Thella), and Tragot (daughter company of BADE) to form the world largest olefins company. In response to this the business of global value $100b plans to withdraw from some markets, close inefficient plant, and make overall cost savings of over $10b through synergistic rationalisations. This will translate into a total budget cut for the Business Development team of some 30% as part of the synergistic cost savings. However, there will probably be a lower percentage of redundancies because of the ability to return valuable staff within many parent organisations.

To draw your attention to my concerns within the company I use my department as an example. The business development team, a loyal and dedicated team, have become aware from marketing colleagues that they face an uncertain future. The synergies we intend to make have been published but not the details at operational level. Rumours are escalating, and figures of up to 2000 redundancies have been quoted. The team are feeling very vulnerable despite my support and the encouragement from other senior managers.

Elaine, Mel and Dave are three examples where it is both in the individual's and in the best interest of the company that we resolve the situation professionally and quickly. These three are used to representative examples in the analysis of the motivation of my team under these difficult business conditions.

Two managers remain in...