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There are many different ways to motivate an individual and of course, different people have different motivators. In most situations, employees work in a position and want to stay in a position that makes them feel comfortable in many different aspects. The position should allow them to have the necessities and social benefits of life. The position should also provide them with the needs that will continue to motivate them throughout their career. Within Poodles Inc., there are three different types of employee groups: salespeople, production workers, and administrative staff. The three different employee groups could be motivated by the same motivation theory or be motivated by something completely different. This writing will explain which motivation theory is the most effective for the salespeople group, production worker group and administrative staff group and most importantly, why it is the most effective.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a theory in psychology that Abraham Maslow proposed in his 1943 paper a Theory of Human Motivation, which he subsequently extended.

Abraham Maslow theory contends that as humans meet their basic needs, they seek to satisfy successively higher needs that occupy a set hierarchy" (Simons, J., 1987, p.1). Maslow's hierarchy of needs is an essential tool to monitor the personality growth and development of salespeople. Abraham Maslow formatted a theory for each person characteristics that has had a profound effect on many different factors, including education. The profound effect has a great deal to do with the "high level of practicality of Maslow's theory "(Simons, J., 1987, p.1). This theory is verbatim to many current real life experiences. Many people find that they can relate their personal and business experiences to Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Also, Maslow has studied the humanistic side of psychology. "Humanistic do not believe that human beings are pushed...