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Ella's motivationBiological theory of motivation refers to the internal reasons of motivation. It could be explained with instincts, drives and arousals theories.

Ella's motivation can be explained by "instincts", which are passed on genetically from one generation to the next. Also, drive reduction theory, can also be used to explain his motivation for to obtaining a promotion. This theory rests on the concept of homeostasis which states that when biological needs are not met and there is a disruption in the equilibrium, it creates tension which motivates the organism to reduce it, hence balancing the equilibrium.

Ella's motivation can be explained by arousal theory, which states that "organisms are motivated to achieve and maintain an optimal level of arousal that maximizes their performance". Too much and too little arousal can diminish performance.

In terms of the effort that Ella would put in, he would keep a balance of his performance.

He would not overdo and do less work because both them can disrupt his performance, as explained by the arousal theory of biological perspective of motivation. To Ella, equilibrium is the most important aspect. So, he must keep all the work operations in balance to get the promotion.

Marcelo's motivationMarcelo's motivation can be explained by Incentive theory, which holds that "external stimuli motivate people to act to obtain desirable goals or to avoid undesirable events" (Carpenter, 2008).

His Motivation can also be explained by "attributions", it depends on how we interpret our own and others' behaviors. If he thinks he deserves the promotion because of all the hard work he puts into the company (personal ability) than him interpreting then he deserves promotion because he believes in luck and fate.

His motivation can also be explained by Expectancies, or "what we believe will happen"( Carpenter, 2008). If Marcelo anticipates that...