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Motivation is a key factor in successful learning. A less able student who is highly motivated can achieve greater success than the more intelligent student who is not well motivated taken from Reece & Walker 4th edition 2002)

Once on a course then student's enthusiasm must be kept. Varity within the teaching methods used keeps students interested, motivation high and ensures that all students get involved with the learning process (taken from Forsyth and Mcmillian, 1991 displayed in an article by Barbara Gross) Our task as a tutor is to ensure that students motivation is kept high to help us achieve this we must be aware of the concepts related to motivation.


Students with an interest in a subject will may more attention and will study harder, we must keep the interest and the motivation.


Need for achievement.

Need for affiliation, gain a friendship with a group or person.

Need for dominance, getting the best results in class.


Emotions and feelings are important, if students get pleasure from learning something new, then they will enjoy it.


Students may have a particular aim if they achieve well and pass the course this could lead to helping within their career advancement.

Abraham Maslow's (1962) developed a hierarchy of basic human needs and is based on ensuring that the lower needs are met before moving upwards in a step by step progression. It is the tutors role to help students feel good about themselves and to promote individual learning. Taken from Reece & Walker 4th edition 2002.

Self Actualisation

Be enthusiastic and supportive

Encourage projects and plans

Be positive about the future

Promote optimism

Self-esteem (Pride)

Encourage independence

Praise when appropriate

Welcome ideas

Treat students with dignity

Love & Belonging (Feeling accepted)

Show that you care

Promote interaction...