Motivational Concepts Analysis - Expectancy X Value Theory

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Expectancy X Value Theory describes the value people put on goals and what effort and behavior one uses to achieve these goals. The behavior one performs in response to his or her goal will depend on the outcome. As I have learned in my studies the outcome may not always be pleasure but the effort of completing or avoiding the end results is equally motivating. In the workplace everyone has different sets of goals and each typically ends on a pleasurable note. Most employees figure if they do their job and perform to expectations that they deserve and will get extrinsic rewards. Unfortunately, for many employees managers do not view mediocre employees as being entitled to much more then their salaries. In order for ones efforts to pay off one must reach out of ones comfort zone and strive to do better and accomplish more.

Within the planning department where I currently work as a trainer for the staff, my responsibilities have changed tremendously. As a planner for all the different ranges of my commodities, and multiple peripheral segments I spent many hours doing the best I could do to make each commodity a success. I started with the company several years ago planning what is called the low-end server. This position was new for me in that my last job was with a wholesale distributor and this was computer technology. I started as a contractor and was very motivated to get hired on permanently. I was told that when contractors are accepted into positions like planning and procurement, and if they do an excellent job, then one would be considered for hire. I went into this position knowing that if my skills and determination were recognized I would get hired. I applied the...