Motivational Educational Learning

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Throughout the years, many people have offered educational philosophies and beliefs regarding how teaching and learning should take place. Personal educational philosophies allow different kinds of insight into a learning environment (Driscoll, 2005). One's educational philosophy allows for various types of instruction to be implemented in the course setting. Since learning is a very broad experience, different type's educational philosophies and beliefs are needed in teaching and learning (Driscoll).

The purpose of this paper is to offer an educational philosophy that the writer believes will make an academic and personal positive impact on students. The writer's personal educational philosophy is based on motivation which is defined in Driscoll as the "process whereby goal-directed behavior is instigated and sustained" (p. 309). In Driscoll, motivation was also described as "a work-related rather than a play-related concept" (p.309). The writer's personal educational philosophy called motivational educational learning will be first described. Then, the writer's educational philosophy will be described in conceptual, theoretical, and operational frameworks.

Finally, concluding remarks will be given to summarize the importance of developing/implementing a personal educational philosophy.

Motivational Educational Learning PhilosophyIt was indicated in Driscoll that "evaluating various learning theories for their validity and usefulness ultimately becomes a matter of developing a personal theory of learning and instruction" (p. 411). According to Driscoll, the process of a theory of learning is made up of various important steps that include "designing and/or implementing instruction, observing the effects of instruction in terms of learning and motivation, and forming an intention to learn and seeking out new knowledge" (p. 412). A personal educational philosophy offers particular insight into educational learning and instruction as pointed out in Driscoll. By having various educational philosophies to follow, it allows for different aspects of learning to be brought into the learning environment. It was recommended in...