Motivational Strategies

Essay by ashland June 2008

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Motivation is the key to any success workforce. Motivation is what helps one to step up and conquer the task assigned to them. In today's workforce one often finds it hard to find what motivates the associates and what will help to push the organization to the next level. Throughout this paper I will discuss a few strategies that I believe will work in most workplaces and what I use in my own workplace as a motivational tool or tools.

When I think of Motivation the first thing I think of is a sports team. In this type of team the coach is the motivator and has the job of pushing all the players to their limit in order to achieve everyone's ultimate goal of winning the big game or the championship. A workforce is no different. However, instead of a coach the workforce has a manager or a team of managers calling the shots and motivating all the players or associates.

Once I was promoted into management I started looking at my department and associates as a team and myself as a coach or mentor. This was the first step toward motivating my associates. The next step was to explore what truly motivated my team members or associates. Just like many other managers this was my hardest step. I tried for months using different methods and ideas to see what worked the best for my team. In the end I realized that a combination of things suited my team and its members the best. Using a combination of ideas helped me to reach every associate in some way or another. Another thing that is vital to understand before one can motivate an associate is what one is trying to motivating them to do. For the sake of this paper...