Motivational Theories.

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Motivational Theories

Analyzing the results from Work Motivation Survey allows use to look for possible patterns between an individual's position within the organization, tenure with the company, gender and various preferences related to job tasks and job performance. The goal of this project, as it is in the effective restructuring of our department following our company's acquisition by Mergers, Inc., is to identify motivational strategies which will guide us in improving employee job satisfaction and productivity. Employing proven motivational strategies in the workplace allows us to establish a healthy, employee-valued corporate culture from the very beginning.

In order to minimize the stress, confusion and apprehension which manifest themselves during these times of transition for our company, we will attempt to identify what motivates our employees to do their best and feel connected to our work unit and our company. Some of the questions we will strive to answer from an analysis of our survey data include: are the individual motivators different between manager, supervisors and line personnel; is there an age-dependent characteristic to individual motivators; is there a gender-dependent characteristic to personal motivators.

Some of the potential motivators we will be looking for include the importance of: competition and challenge, positive relationships with others, goal setting, influence over others, and span of control.

To accurately determine individual motivators to job satisfaction the best tactic is to become thoroughly familiar with the personality and personal priorities of all employees. As stated by Jack Deal, "The best way to find out what employees want and think is to ask" (Deal 1.) The simple act of asking employees what is important to them can be a motivator. According to Deal, "I am constantly amazed when reviewing employees that their managers and owners are truly shocked when they hear what their employees have to...