Motives of Three - Star Hotels' Administration to Improve their Services

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Chapter One

Motives of Three - Star Hotels Administration to Improve their Services

Research Significance:

1-The scarcity of researches in this field; from the point of view of the researcher.

2-The importance of improving hotel services, and the strong relationship between improvement and demand on these services.

3-The importance of improvement of hotel services in order to control sales.

4-The importance of taking care of the service sector in order to familiarize the clients with the products and services.

5-Knowing the types of hotel services and the importance of these services in attracting clients.

Research Objectives:

1-Knowing the importance of the service sector in hotel institutions.

2-Examining the types of available services in hotels in addition to ways of improving them.

3-Knowing the objectives that the hotel aims at achieving from improving these services.

Research Problem:

The research problem resides in the constant change for the needs and desires of the consumers, and searching for a place in which they relax and find all what they need.

In this aspect we do not find a response from the administrations to improve what they provide, or to stay in the competition field. This might be as a result of their inability to undertake such improvement.

Research Sample:

The research sample is an easy and deliberate sample. The easy sample is a sample in which choosing the units of society is based on the easiness and convenience in providing those who are wanted to be interviewed in a certain place. Those who are available for the researches will be interviewed and asked about some issues that relate to an aspect or a situation of the situations that are wanted to be studied.

I have chosen the easy sample in this research because of the easiness of choosing and reaching to the...