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English 11

5 Paragraph essay

There is no feeling like coming out of the gate and getting to the corner first. The noise of all the bikes makes your heart start to jump. When the 30 second sign turns and we are getting ready to start, it is just like tunnel vision for me. The best way to look at motocross is just to think it is a person and a bike. In order to be a successful racer, the rider is going to have practice every day, try not to crash, and make sure the bike is set up the right way.

People say that motocross is not that hard, but it is actually one of the most labor intensive sport in the world. People have intense schedules for practice so they can stay in shape. They bike mile after mile and lift weights so they will not get arm pump when they are racing.

They usually have their own private track to practice on whenever they can. When they race, the rider always have to be ready for anything and never underestimate what can happen.

The rider can be in a zone and come around a corner and get kicked sideways and crash. A lot of good riders say that if you don't crash or make mistakes, you are not going fast enough. When riders crash people say that they should try to tuck their head so that they do not land and break their neck. Even with all of the gear that we wear, injuries are unavoidable. Some people could be a rider that just goes on the track to have fun, but even then they can crash because of bike malfunctions.

Riders really need to have the right bike setup in order to...