Motor Cycle Rental - Marketing

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Faculty of Management and Computing

Maldives National University

1. Acknowledgement

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the following people who have helped us to reach the goal of finishing this report and undertake a successful research.

To Ms. Nuzha Nizam: for her detailed explanations which has supported us a lot during the whole assignment

To Mr. Idham Fahumy: for his support and guidance; not to mention the help that he has provided in the duration of the research

To Mr. Ibrahim sir: for teaching and aiding us in using SPSS (software which is so easy to accumulate the data that the research provides).

To all our college mates and friends who have helped us through piloting the questionnaire in order to get the most from respondents.

To all the respondents who has provided with their selfless cooperation during the field work.

To our parents in providing help at any way that they could; financially and emotionally.

Above all, to the Almighty Allah, who has provided us guidance and protection during the stage of this report.

2.Executive Summary

Rent-A-Moto as the name states, it's a business that helps in renting motor cycles (as a start) for the public of K.Atoll members who has difficulty in obtaining motor cycles in a short period of time. The company involves 6 partners which shares all the profits and losses equally. However, as forecasted for the near future, this business would make a new trend within the Maldives whereas the business and the Maldivian economy grow with it.

The main objective of Rent-A-Moto has been to provide a convenient service as cheaply as possible as it is a new business (hence automatically increases the awareness of the company) by targeting 2 areas, they are people migrating to K.Atoll for short period...