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Motor Learning is a basic human activity and it is a constant aspect of our lives. No matter whom we are or what we do, we are continuously learning about everything. Motor learning can be broken down into many areas; I will be focusing on three areas of study: 1. Cognitive, 2. Affective, 3. Psychomotor. These areas of concentration will influence the everyday life of my future occupation. I will briefly discuss each aspect and incorporate it to my career.

Cognitive Learning (knowledge) is concerned with developing and increasing the individual's knowledge, improving problem-solving abilities and developing. This is a key component once I enter into my teaching profession. Students who leave my classroom will be prepared to enter their next phase in life. With cognitive learning the time-spent teaching for development depends on factors such as the information, and the abilities of the individuals to understand the material.

My job as a teacher is to mold America's youth.

It is my duty to inspire and to develop my student's minds. Teaching is a huge responsibility which I am geared up to do. Whenever I am developing my curriculum, I will take into consideration what lesson I am trying to get across. I want to challenge my students to think outside the box. I want them to leave my classroom with valuable critical thinking skills.

A couple of years ago I read a magazine article and it opened my eyes to other methods of teaching. In this article it challenged future teachers of America to teach students to think on their own. The magazine had a stance that if we teach children everything we know, their knowledge is limited to ours. If we teach children to think, their knowledge is limitless. This article transcended me to where I am today.