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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is considered one of the greatest musical artists to have lived due to his talent and his ability to excel in multiple genres of music. When many people want to learn about Mozart, they watch the movie Amadeus directed by Peter Shaffer. It attracted a huge audience and was very successful due to the dramatic, and somewhat biographical, nature of the movie. In the interest of luring in moviegoers, fictional information, like the portrayal of Mozart as an extremely childish and unworthy boy for whom music making took no effort, was inserted into the plot. On the contrary, Mozart's success as a composer was the result of excellent breeding by his father at the start of a very young age. His social behavior was essential throughout his career, and especially during his tours through Europe, since a significant portion of his time was dedicated to impressing others not only through his music but also through the personality that was capable of developing masterpieces.

The reason Mozart's personality was portrayed in the manner it was in Amadeus was to create a motive for Salieri's hatred for Mozart. Amadeus had two main characters in it, Mozart being the protagonist and Salieri being the antagonist. The motive for Salieri's hatred was due to Mozart's "childish" and "unworthy" character. Salieri believed that he had heard "God's voice" through a very obscene and dirty-minded child. The event that triggered these beliefs depicted Mozart cavorting with Constanze in a public room of a noble residence. His use of inappropriate language while conversing with Constanze disgusted Salieri. Mozart's derogatory imitation of Salieri fueled the fumes of the brewing conflict and helped the plot progress. Mozart felt a sense of superiority because he understood his music so well. His lack of modesty...