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Executive Summary

This report was commissioned by the committee of the North West Trust for the Protection of Wildlife to analyses the financial statements of two project proposals for the Trust.

The First statement is a projection profit statement for running a quad bike activity center by Winston Barkwith.

The Second and Third statement are a comparison of Johnathan's and Ingrid's proposal without or with Local Authority funding.


Winston's proposal does not appear to be in the best interests of the Trust in relation to its three main aims.

Questions remain to be answered about the source of Revenue for Winston's proposal.

Johnathan and Ingrid's proposal with the prospect of Local Authority funding and is deeply in the best interests of the Trust.

Question 1 (A)

This profit statement included the capital costs to set up the project as Winston will be proposing this to the Trust and the trust would need to be made aware of the all costs including set up costs.

We are not told who will finance the set-up costs, we are not told if they will be financed by capital or if they will be paid for by the trust and for that reason they are included in the profit statement.

Question 1 (b)

Question 1 (c)

Is the estimated cost of the Proposal project reasonable in relation to the cost of similar projects?

The committee would need further information regarding the proposals to make a decision. If they could compare the projects to similar ones they could make a more accurate decision. It may be easy to make a decision based on Jonathan and Ingrid's proposal as Jonathan and Ingrid may be able to obtain copies of financial reports from Johnstone House which would make for easy comparison. There is nothing that...