Mount St. Helens

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When people choose a newspaper to read, they usually choose a local newspaper. Some people might even choose a newspaper by the interesting headlines or the pictures. For example, the Palladium Item has an article called, "Veterans of volcano's wrath wary of repeat." The Connersville News-Examiner has an article called, "Mount St. Helens erupts, not like 1980." Although their titles are different, both newspapers use the same picture. Almost all newspapers have a similar news events, but they don't contain the exact same information in both articles.

Mount St. Helens, the volcano that so-called blew its top according to Associated Press Writer for the Connersville News-Examiner, David Ammons, erupted this past Friday around noon. (A9) The last time it erupted was in 1980. The volcano forced airlines to cancel nearby flights. Scientists had been predicting an eruption for days because of the thousands of earthquakes and signs that the rocks inside the crater were expanding.

After about twenty minutes after the eruption, the mountain finally calmed down. Scientist said that people southwest of the mountain might notice some ashes on their cars. A few hours' later, small earthquakes had started again. It looked like a big white cloud. There was no sign of lava. Scientists say that this is the kind of event they have been predicting. Scientist will continue to monitor it until they determine that the thing has really gone back to sleep. A second small steam eruption on Saturday raised the alert level for Mount St. Helens. They said that if the volcano erupted again, it could threaten lives.

The Palladium Item opens its article about Mount St. Helens eruption with the headline of, "Veterans of volcano's wrath wary of repeat," written by Nicholas K. Geranios, and an opening statement, "Mount St. Helens alert raised, eruption could...