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Mountain Dew the magnificent cash cow for Pepsico was invented in 1940 and was taken over by PepsiCo in 1964. The original Mountain Dew now is a yellowish green sugar rich drink with a relatively high degree of caffeine developed by Alley and Bartney Hartman who then used lime as the key ingredient in its initial stage. They use to run a bottling plant in Knoxville, USA. It was then used as a mixer besides the name was also used as slang for the moonshine coming out of the hills in Virginia. Mountain Dew until 1st January 1960 did not enjoy the status and popularity it does today in the CSD market. Bill Jones the new owner changed the Mountain Dew unique formula by adding more sugar, caffeine and orange flavour in the very same year.

Billion, which shows a giant market potential for soft drinks. Though the market is extremely competitive and Mountain Dew is categorized under "Carbonated Soft Drinks or CSD" also at times faces intense competition from other major leading brands in the same category. Recent finding shows a detail survey of market penetration across America which puts Mountain Dew on the 4th position with a market share of 7.2% with total sales revenue of USD 633million behind Coca Cola (USD 1.59Billion), Diet Coke (USD927Milion) and Pepsi (USD892Million). (Kindly refer to attachment) Source:

To further analyze and understand in detail, the competitive market and where Mountain Dew stands in that market and how it manages to maintain its Brand equity, a situational analysis was conducted to elaborate Mountain Dew's own capabilities within the market, the product positioning besides looking at the...