How Moved My Cheese

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For the second book report, I've read the fabulous book, written by Spencer Johnson and Kenneth H. Blanchard, Who Move My Cheese.

This book goal is to help the reader accept and deal with changes in work and in life.

The book is divided to three sections.

The first one is 'A Gathering', this section tells us about two former classmates, who haven't seen each other since High school, that talk in their class reunion about the changes in their life- some good and some bad. Together they're trying to find a way to deal with changes in their life.

The Second section, called 'Who Moved My Cheese', is the core of the book- it's the story itself. This section is the story of a mouse, that wonders through a gigantic maze, looking for his cheese.

The cheese is a metaphor, so are the mouse and the maze- however their meaning belongs to the next paragraph.

The third section is 'The Discussion'.

It's a really unique section. It's a real discussion between people who read the book and through the discussion they're trying to figure how and if can this book help them deal with changes in their job and life.

This section is very helpful for those of us that just never really understand the meanings of stories.

It's also good if you really think that the story can improve your way of dealing with changes, but you just can't figure how- if so, it will surely help you.

After I had finished the book I started deepening into and behind the lines and tried to understand what that's all about.

I did read the discussion, so it wasn't too hard.

Here is what I understood.

According to the story each one of us...