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The story is about a woman, Annie Wilson, who is a widowed psychic with three young sons. To make money, she offers psychic readings to people in the town, Georgia, where she lives. However, most people dislike her because of it.

A battered wife, Valerie, can't leave her violent husband, he threatens Annie for doing the devil's work. Annie advises the wife to leave her abusive husband. At the same time, a rich girl, Jessica, disappear suddenly. She is a fiancée of the local school principal, Greg Kinnear. The police have no idea to find her back. Annie is obliged to help the police with her psychic power.

Finally, Annie senses that the dead body of Jessica is in the garden of Valerie. Valerie's husband is suspected to be the murderer. And he is found guilty and put into jail. Later on, Annie endowed with her psychic vision that Valerie's husband is not real murderer of Jessica.

She told that to Greg Kinnear. He asked her back to the garden to see whether she has any idea of the real murderer.

When they are in the garden, Annie really got some idea of the murderer with her psychic power. She senses that Greg Kinnear is the murderer. And Greg tries to kill her as she knows all the truth. At this moment, her friend helps her to escape. However, she discovered that her friend was dead already.

It is an exciting movie. I really enjoyed this movie. It kept my attention and usually movies are very predictable. This movie definitely caught me off guard. I thought it was very much worth seeing and the cast was excellent. It really did keep us guessing who the killer was. I guess that...