Movie Analysis and Theory Application Movie: The Help

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Assignment: Movie Analysis and Theory Application

Movie: The Help


Behaviorism is a theory that believes all behavior is learnt through observing behaviors of others and being rewarded or punished for this action. It also said that behavior is something that could be learned through environmental stimulus and a naturally occurring stimulus (Ciccarelli & White, 2012).

In the movie "The Help", one of the main characters Miss Hilly Holbrook, who plays as the dastardliest villain in this movie displays few of imitative behavior. Her story, in the beginning of this movie, revolves around her attempts to pass a bill she called "The Home Help Sanitation Initiative". This bill required all the families in Jacksons, Mississippi to build an outdoor bathroom for their black employees, as she believes 'Black People' carried a different disease even though they've been cooking their food, cleaning their houses, and taking care of their babies.

From this observation, it can be said that Hilly character prejudiced towards the black people as she try to push the segregation of the town even more by passing the "The Home Help Sanitation Initiative" bill (Taylor, 2011). Discrimination is a form of prejudice conduct or manners, towards an individual or group of people, in a way that is worse than the way people are usually treated especially on the basis of sex, race, or social class (McLeod, 2008). Other than being racist, her character also can be labelled as paranoia towards black people. Paranoia is the emotions of oppression and an exaggerated sense of self-importance. A person with paranoia can usually work and function in their everyday life; however, their lives may be limited and isolated ("Paranoia and paranoid," 2013). Hilly, for example, in this movie willingly holds her bladder just because the toilet at Elizabeth's house was...