How the movie "Bless the Child" changed my outlook on religion

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I grew up going to church every Sunday but I never truly understood what church meant. The idea of an almighty power, who has control over all beings, seemed to large of a concept for me to believe. Then I saw a movie called "Bless the Child". This film completely changed my perspective on faith and religion.

The plot of the movie involved a little girl who was a Messiah of God. She possessed powers equal to those of Jesus Christ. She ended up being kidnapped by her biological mother who was involved in an anti-Christ worshipping cult. The cult wanted to sacrifice the girl because she chose to do good over evil with her power. Her adoptive mother had to learn about the cult's beliefs in order to track them down to save her daughter's life.

When I watched the movie I was amazed and stunned that a little girl half my age could have so much faith while I could have so little.

At that time, I didn't realize movies weren't based on fact. I took the motion picture to be reality. I came from the film not necessarily believing in God, but I accepted the idea that powers existed which were good and bad. I also took from the movie a belief in karma that what goes around comes around. I knew I should do good deeds not because I would be rewarded in the afterlife in Heaven, but because I would benefit from acting as a good Samaritan later in this life.

I have watched this movie again since the magical first time. I regret to say I did not have the same experience or enlightenment as I did at first. I am jealous of those whose faith in God is strong. I...