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Lawrence of Arabia is a great movie which shows the views of a Arab group who revolts against the Turks with the help of the British. Mainly the British intelligence officer was the main person who helped. In the movie, Lawrence assured the Arabs that if they revolted against the Turks they would be rewarded with their independence after the war. That reminded me of the Panama incident, where U.S. did a similar thing. Since the British, an allied country of the U.S., Lawrence tried to get the British politicians to attend the Versailles peace conference. But after that attempt, the Middle East only led to be split by the French and British Empire. The one thing that I noticed was that in the area which they were fighting, they didn't use a whole lot of the new weapons that we learned. They were still using the old fashion way of fighting.

You would expect the British to supply the Arabs with plenty of new equipment, but I guess it never happened because that it would take too long to transport it. At certain times during the movie, the characters showed a little racial stereotyping against the Arabs. It is expected considering the movie is in the perspective of the Europeans. The British claim to be aiding Prince Feisal to rid his country of the invaders, but it is secretly believed that they are only helping because they want the territory themselves. Lawrence tries to make Prince Feisal understand that he must unite his people and form their own government or they will never be free of outside rulers. In order to make the world aware of their military power, he forms a plan that is crazy at best, but if successful will send the Turks running and give the Brits reason to arm them.