Movie "M" Analysis

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Torie Peters

CM241 EL2

September 12, 2014

Critique Assignment "M"

I never heard of the movie, "M" directed by Fritz Lang, until this course. This movie, which I found out after reading about it, is a classic movie because it was the first movie with sound. Imagine watching a movie without sound? That would be boring. When I first saw little clips of the movie, I was dreading watching the whole thing. I mean, who really thinks that a black and white movie can be enjoyable when you have only ever watched color movies. When I sat down and pressed play, I was hooked after five minutes. I did not once look away from my computer screen, or even pick up my phone. Which never happens! I was so fascinated. I could not believe it, I instantly told my friend how good it was, and made her watch it.

I was so intrigued by the mystery part of it. You just wanted to keep watching to see what was going to happen next. While watching this you really felt like you were apart of this community. You were feeling the same way as they did. You wanted to capture this maniac as soon as possible.

At parts I did really get highly annoyed, because it took them forever to figure out who was the killer. I am sure the society felt the same way as I did, even though everyone was doing what he or she had to do, to capture this killer. For me it did build up suspense, and I am sure that was Lang's intention to do. If this was to happen now, we would of found the killer in days, hopefully. I needed to remember that it was produced in 1931 and they definitely did...