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1. Jesuit Priests were highly educated and able to go places where no other "Old Worlders" had been before. What evidence do we see of this schooling and endurance in the movie?

The Jesuit Priests' venerable schooling can be seen in their multiple-fielded education, which is clearly depicted in Father Gabriel's near-perfect ability to play an oboe and his knowledge that the oboe's music would reveal him as a man of peace to the Guarani Indians who at the time had no way of communicating with him vocally, and were extremely doubtful because of their murder of a Jesuit priest before.

The Jesuit Priests were very enduring and brave, because they dared to go to areas no one would think about going for it was a close match between life and death. Nevertheless, they did because they wanted to reach their ultimate goal: the conversion of non-Christians into Christians. For instance, Father Gabriel's feat of climbing up the waterfall was already a tremendously dangerous task that many would never dream of doing, let alone him heading for a place where a Jesuit priest had just been recently killed, and pushed into the river rapids.

At the close of the movie, he, determined to save the mission and the Indians, courageously led a procession into a hail of bullets armed only with the cross and the sacraments until a bullet struck his neck and he ceased to breathe.

2. Describe what life is like amongst the Guarani Indians above the falls. How does it compare to the lifestyle of the Europeans below the falls? Which lifestyle would you prefer? Why?

Life amongst the Guarani Indians above the falls was simple and carefree. They lived in simple huts, hunted and gathered when they needed food, and celebrated by dancing and singing. However,