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Based on the novel by Mario Puzo

Screen Play by Francis Ford Coppola and Mario Puzo


The story begins with Don Corleone (Marlon Brando), the head of a New York Crime Family, oversees his daughters wedding. His son Michael (Al Pacino) has just returned from the war but has no intention of joining his fathers business. Through the life of Michael the family business becomes clear. The family is very kind to those who give them respect but they resort to violence if anything stands against the good of the family. The Godfather (Vito Corleone) lives his life in an old fashion way with strict values, but times are changing and others families have no intention to abide by his ways. A rival wants to start selling drugs in New York and needs the Don's influence. He needs the Don so he can use his connections with politics to ensure that their business runs smoothly.

Don Vito Corleone (Brando) is brutally perused when he refuses to sully the family business with drugs. His eldest, Sonny (Caan), steps in to take the helm in his father's illness, but is riddled with bullets. It is up to Michael (Pacino), the war hero and beloved son, to step up and redeem the family's honor.


The Godfather is without a doubt one of Hollywood's greatest commercial and critical successes. It captivates the viewer at every scene. Not only does this movie get everything right, from the cast to the script it also exceeded the expectations of many. It established new benchmarks for American Cinema. It made history.

The Movie was adapted form Mario Puzo's original story. The remarkable aspect about this book is that, Puzo portrays the story in a unique manner. He sets the story, as it was a private...