A Movie Review on Amistad and it's relation to U.S. history.

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The movie Amistad, It gave me a good idea of the Amistad case that had happened in 1839-1841. Amistad was a movie about real events that had happened. A large group of Africans were taken as slaves, sold and headed off to their land. I hey took control over the ship at one point but were captured by the Americans and held in jail until they got their freedom back. I think this movie really portrayed how slaves were treated back then. There was the forming of the Amistad committee, and also there was a trial that was historical. At that time the President did not want to let them free. He wanted to send them back to Cuba. Spain were claiming that the slavers were theirs, and the now Amistad committee wanted to defend them and help them to get their freedom back. The trial was a very big ordeal and the outcome was good.

Slavery during the time of the Amistad is a big issue. At this time the United States there was much controversies over the slavery issues. This movie had very excellent graphics which helped me to better visualize the story. When the Mendi were able to tell their story, it showed what happened and what they were put through. How bad they were treated and how beaten they got. They were on ships, chained to one another, in a very cramped area. They were hardly fed and majority had to starve. If they looked sick the slave traders didn't bother to feed them so they would die. They were whipped and beaten. I would say the most saddest part is how the slave traders chained people together, opened the deck. pushed the first person off into the see dragging the other people with them.