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Gandhi Movie Review

Kevin Kumala 1

In the film 'Gandhi', Ben Kingsley plays the role of Gandhi himself, in an incredible story pertaining to the life and accomplishments of the "Mahatma", the "Great-Soul". It starts with the young Mohandas, the aspiring lawyer in practice and shows of how a determined and young man grew up to be the modern father and peaceful liberator of India and Pakistan from a Colonial Power. It portrayed how a dedicated and modest young man was able to grow up and inspire the masses to rise against apartheid and foreign domination in South Africa, India and other parts of South East Asia as well.

The film expresses Gandhi's principles of none violence in detail through many examples shown and conversations spoken. His campaign of non-cooperation and civil disobedience with no violent resistance at all brought an Empire to its knees and was slowly able to negotiate and all out withdrawal of the foreign authority.

As a lawyer, Gandhi first found his 'moral-calling' when he experienced racial discrimination on a working trip to South Africa, then also colonized by the British Empire. Having been educated in Britain and having been associated with the English socially and professionally, he felt puzzled when the train conductor booted him not only to coach-class from first-class, but eventually even out of the train when he asserted his rights. He kept on insisting that he was a lawyer in practice sent by a firm in England. However, to the racist train conductor, Gandhi was just another second-class citizen.

This incident motivated Gandhi to first notice the social and economic discrimination in this foreign land, and eventually even back in his own country. He decided to stand up legally to his once so-called peers; however, he was ridiculed and given...