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Gentlemen, it really is all about technique.

Finding the girl of your dreams is the easy part. Just by looking around, a lady exists out there that will immediately catch our eye, and more than likely do something to enrapture our attention.

But the difficult part exists in how to obtain the object of our desires. No man wants to be viewed as unattractive, or even worse, needy. Thus, a game ensues in which we're all looking for a way to be the single force to sweep our new found love off her feet.

Trouble is, when opportunities arise, most of us aren't confident enough to take that leap of faith, as we're too petrified with the crash that may accompany it. Ah, if we only had Hitch as our inspirational leader.

Directed by Andy Tennant ("Sweet Home Alabama), "Hitch" is a romantic comedy that actually works in today's overexposed genre of romantic comedies.

The banter is witty, the players are believable, and the storyline is constantly flowing. Plus, the physical comedy is exhibited in such a way that it doesn't constitute a mockery of taste. Viewers will laugh immensely and often, and be captivated and educated, since the movie deals with the power of motivation fused into a dating regime.

Hitch (Will Smith) is a man with a penchant for male prosperity.

Through his instructional teachings, the "date doctor" makes a lucrative living helping any man obtain the woman his heart genuinely desires.

Enter Albert (Kevin James), a beefy klutz that is enamored with the unattainable woman of his dreams, Allegra Cole (Amber Valletta). The problem lies that not only is she incredibly wealthy beyond belief, but also that she's endowed with such a celebrity status that every move she makes garners a new front...