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Seven was directed by David Fincher, creator of Alien. When Seven was first released, it became an enormous box-office hit because it finally did something most audiences had never seen for a long time. Seven dazzled us with spectacular visuals and engrossed us with a frightening story. It also sparked controversy over many of the graphic murders portrayed. Fincher creates interesting characters that we grow to like and then he spins the film around and makes us sick to our stomach.

The movie begins with a young couple moving to New York to begin a new life. Detective Mills known as Brad Pitt and his wife Tracy Mills known as Gwyneth Paltrow move into a good-sized apartment and Mills goes to work alongside veteran and retiring Detective Somerset known as Morgan Freeman. At first, Somerset doesn't like his new and impatient partner, but he likes Mill's wife. Detective Mills and Somerset are sent to a murder scene to investigate the brutal and torturous killing of an extremely obese man.

This murder is just the start of a consequent game of cat and mouse with an undetermined killer as the mouse. As they get closer to solving the case and catching the killer, the "preacher's" message begins to appear directly more towards Mills and Somerset. Freeman discovers that the murderer is leading them through a series of death, and clues, based upon the Seven Deadly Sins of Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, Pride, Envy, Lust, and Wrath.

This movie is worthy of having a five star rating for its creepy visuals and grotesque murders. Seven is an engrossing tale that will have enough chills and thrills for action fans and huge helpings of brain-stretching story for thinkers. Brad Pitt gives a stunning and inspired performance. Freeman, on the other hand, steals the...