A Movie Review of Shakespeare in Love

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Depicting a cruel world, and inescapable deadlines, the film Shakespeare in Love

allows a light to force its way through the darkness as it creates a wonderful image of

what love truly is: beauty and inspiration.

A romantic comedy set in London in the late sixteenth century. Will Shakespeare;

a young playwright has been struggling with his latest work "Romeo and Ethel the

Pirate's Daughter ". Not only has he fallen behind with an approaching deadline, but also

he has yet to write a single line, due to his bad case of writers block. At casting auditions,

Will is not impressed, until a young, unfamiliar actor by the name of Thomas Kent gets

Will's attention after which Thomas runs out of the theatre. What Will doesn't know is

that Thomas Kent is in fact the love of his life in disguise; wealthy Viola de Lesseps, a

young lady he will soon meet.

She will soon work as inspiration for his play. In

Shakespearian times it was against that law for women to act on stage. Viola does not

allow the law to come in the way of her passion for this art when she is cast as Romeo,

the lead. By the time that Will realizes that Thomas is truly Viola, she's promised in

marriage to the heartless Lord Wessex, which means that the Queen herself has

expectations for the wedding to take place. Will and Viola's find themselves too greatly

attracted and in love to resist each other; caught up in a forbidden romance, it's no

wonder that the play turns to a tragedy.

A cinematic masterpiece, Shakespeare in Love is truly a rarity. Deserving of all

Oscar nominations and winnings, this film is not only one I will remember, but also one

that has set that bar...