A Movie Review of The Snoflake Crusade

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The Snowflake Crusade

Imagine a world where your body can be replicated over and over again. Megan Holley's film The Snowflake Crusade depicts that very world. By going to your local registry, you can essentially buy the DNA to procreate any notable person in history. Nobel Prize winning scientist and national hero, Nathan Clive Barclay, met those high standards and posthumously sired a clone from his preserved DNA. Unfortunately, all that genetic potential has soured in his clone, Clive. Feeling that he was merely the residue of greatness, Clive set out on a life long mission to destroy the reputation of his genetic sire through personal misdeed. After a stint in a mental hospital, Clive was given a janitorial job at a debt consolidation company called Debtcom. It is here where Clive met Marigold, Debtcom's number one telemarketer, who slept walked through her job, as well as her life.

Clive and Marigold were a perfect match, their wedding was not just a convenience, it was also a statement to society that they would not be molded.

The Snowflake Crusade is a very interesting and entertaining socio-political commentary of what the future might hold for us. The title itself refers to Clive's battle to prove to the world that though he may have the same DNA as world-renowned scientist, he is totally different and unique, like a snowflake. The crusade included shoplifting, getting incredibly wasted, changing Debtcom's motto from "Creating Pride Through Fiscal Restitution" to "Cheating Pride Through Fiscal Prostitution," vandalizing a post office, and eventually ending his own life.

The film concludes with Marigold buying the last DNA sample of Clive's at the registry. She then has a baby that is a clone of Clive, and she asks the young Clive if he has a "feeling in his...