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Depp Cuts It Up Once AgainBy Emerald BeamishThis creepy musical by Tim Burton has the outstanding talent from Johnny Depp and the eerie presence of Helena Bonham Carter as she becomes his partner in crime and closest friend. In my eyes, the movie has a chilling theme, and dark core in the way they sing and move. I liked the movie though and feel the actors play their characters well.

Sweeny Todd is played by the excellent Johnny Depp while Miss Lovett, his closest friend, is played by Helena Bonham Carter. At the start of this confusing love story/ horror, Todd, who was formerly known as Benjamin Barker, had a wife and a daughter. Unfortunately, the mayor, and also the judge, had a thing for his wife so Barker was deported for 15 years. In those 15 years that he was away, his wife poisoned herself and disappeared, so it was said that she died.

Their daughter grew up under the eyes of the mayor and didn’t like it one bit.

When Barker came back to London, the first place he went to was a pie shop owned by Miss Lovett. She knew his wife and told him she was dead. After a while, he figured out that his daughter was still alive and living with the Mayor, through his friend who quickly fell in love with her. Not long after, Toby was soon invited to the group. Toby was under the guidance of a con man but was soon picked up by Todd and Lovett. Todd instantly wanted vengeance on the Mayor for taking his wife and daughter so he set up a Barber shop that he had an ever-lasting dream for. He added a trap door underneath, so that when the person sits down, they fall into...