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Many people believe nowadays that movies are not what they used to be. Many movies

in modern times are full of gangs, arguments, and crime. Many movie viewers often complain

about missing the old movies. I hear it from my father all of the time. Between, movies and

songs, he is constantly telling me about the "good days" when good movies were made. He

reminds me of his opinions and how he thinks that my mind is being ruined by this technology.

Wuthering Heights is what I believe would fit a definition of a classic. It is a story full of love,

passion, and revenge. The movie explains a couple's love from when they were children until

they were adults. The only problem in their lives is he was poor, and wanted a rich man.

Ironically, he returns a rich man, but she has already married someone else. This stirs revenge

and brings the surprising climax, the reunion of their love, the separation of their souls, and

eventually their meeting of souls in their after-lives.

Wuthering Heights is directed by William

Wyler and produced by Samuel Goldwyn. It is based on a novel by Emily Bronte. Laurence

Olivier, Merle Oberon, David Niven, Flora Robson, Geraldine Fitzgerald, and Donald Crisp play

the main characters in the movie. It is a classic romance produced in 1939. Wuthering Heights

is set in rural England in the early 1830s.While the movie is played in black and white with

limited technology used, it displays an intriguing plot that may still be compared with today's


Wuthering Heights was produced in black and white. The colorlessness of the movie

presents a more classic image to the film. Although classics can often be termed boring by

some, Wuthering Heights is a movie that everyone can...