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The movie The Sandlot was directed by David Evans. It takes place in a small town in the early 1960's. A young boy named Scottie Smalls moved into town with his family. All the local boys make fun of him. Scottie follows them to a baseball field they call the sandlot. Somebody smacked one out in to the outfield where Scottie was standing. He ran and got the ball and threw it back to them. He couldn't throw it very good so all the boys laughed at him. A few days later a boy name Benny Rodregez asked Scottie to come play with them. He didn't have a good glove because while he was playing ball with his father he caught one and it went right through it. So Benny let him borrow his. He began to play ball with them every day. In the outfield there is a fence that is about 10 feet high.

Whenever they hit a ball over it they would never go and get it. Scottie asked them one day why they didn't go get the calls they hit over the fence and they told him that " The Beast" lived over there. They said that " The Beast" had eaten a kid that went over the fence to get a ball. One day Benny slugged a ball over the fence and nobody had any money to go get another ball. Scottie's step dad had a ball autographed by Babe Ruth, but Scottie didn't know who Babe Ruth was so he didn't know how valuable it was. The other boys didn't know that it was autographed and they started playing with it. One day Ham hit it over the fence. They didn't pay much attention to it until Scottie told them it was signed by Babe Ruth. They knew that they had to get it back. They tried several times but none were successful. Finally, Benny went in after it. He grabbed it and ran. The Beast chased him; they both jumped the fence. The Beast ended up chasing him back to the sandlot. Benny jumped the fence and ran into the Beasts yard. The Beast tried to jump the fence, but it was too unstable and it fell on him. The fence was on top of him pinning him down and he was hurt. Scottie and Benny lifted the fence off the Beast. Then the Beast got up and licked Scottie in the face. The two boys went up to the door and knocked on it. An old blind man answered the door named Mr. Murturson. He thanked them for returning his dog. He invited them in. They explained what happened to him. The ball was chewed up a little bit and Scotties Step - dad would kill him if he found out, so Mr. Murturson gave him a ball signed by the entire Yankee team. The only condition was that they had to come over once a week and talk about baseball. Scottie was only grounded for two weeks instead of the rest of his life. By the criteria set forth I don't think that the movie The Sandlot should receive an Oscar nomination.

The characters in this movie are not really funny. There are many funny moments but they weren't really funny all the time. None of the characters were accident-prone. They had a few accidents, but none of them were accident-prone. The characters were all realistic and believable.

The setting plays an important part in this movie. It sets the mood. The mood of this movie is the small town atmosphere. This setting is very approtite because it wouldn't fit to have this happen in a big city. The setting is very believable. Every aspect could happen.

There are many conflicts in the movie The Sandlot. There isn't really a fight between characters. There is a conflict between the boys and Hercules, but I don't really think he's an important character. There is a little stress between the characters. The main stress is between Scottie and his step - dad. They don't really resolve their conflicts in a humorous manner. It is a little bit funny when the dog is chasing Benny but that wasn't that funny.

This movie is very original. I don't think I have ever seen a movie like this before. All the actors were new. This movie is not what I would call funny. It had some funny parts, but it wasn't all that funny.

The plot in the movie The Sandlot is very believable. It is very likely that this could have happened. The moral to this movie is probably to stand up to your fears and good will come out of it. If Benny hadn't stood up Against the Beast they wouldn't have gotten any of their balls back and Scottie would have been grounded for the rest of his life.

In concluding, I didn't believe that the movie The Sandlot should receive an Oscar Nomination based on the criteria set forth by the academy. Although the movie has a good plot and it has a very good moral it is not really funny. This movie shouldn't be in the comedy category. This movie is more a family movie.