The Movie "Signs" (the history of the film, actors, and backroung info)

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The title of the movie is. The main characters are Mel Gibson as Graham Hess (father and a priest), Joaquin Pheonix as Merrill Hess (brother of Graham), Rory Culkin as Morgan Hess (son of Graham) and Abigail Breslin as Bo Hess (daughter of Graham). The setting takes place on a sweet home and its corn field in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The wife of Graham and the mother of Morgan and Bo had passed away in a car crash, and for some strange reason, the family knew she had some sort of telepathic ability, but instead of giving Graham wisdom, she said one of they're memories from a baseball game. That one time made Graham question his faith and taught himself that there was no God. So he quit being a priest. Anyways, Merrill moved in with his brother Graham to help out. First, the family of four realize that things on the farm have been different lately including the corn being bent into some sort of "art," and the dogs acting strangely, but this does not include the strange "tap water" incident Bo keeps on having.

The family then notices bizarre creatures surrounding their home, and soon find out they are aliens. Little changes are soon noticed like hearing the aliens voices over the baby monitor and watching the television and looking at the other elaborate designs in fields made by the extra-terrestrials. Next, the family and the rest of the world start to agree to the fact that there is another life form on the planet that is trying to invade. Bo, Morgan and Merrill then start doing research on the creatures and find out that the aliens are hostile which mean they are trying to use our land for living because they have used up...