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Movie Themes Three times the tapping had begun the doorbell rang 3 times. I slowly opened the door and saw-my Friends Gaunter. I invited Gaunter inside the house and then mysteriously there was some one taping three times on the TV. Gaunter and I started laughing but then we heard a dread full sound 3 tapping at the door again. It was a scary guy with a huge matched and had a mask like in the movie "Scream." It was Felipe the "Red Neck" from Texas that severed El Winko in the spring. He came to pick up 30,000 Pounds of Bananas. After he picked up all of the Bananas he asked would you like to reenact the movie scream? Ok I am the psycho killer said Felipe I am the nurse said Gaunter there is no nurse in the movie scream dummy. Fine I will be the kid that is in the Garage door!! I will be the one that never dies.

Ok but in my movie there is no one that severer they all die. Fine I will be some one then a few hours past Felipe woke up and saw a bloody knife in his left hand and blood all over the room and said"¦ that was a great movie review. 2 min. later the cop arrived and asked if I know what happened here? Nope I think that I did it but it is probably the guy next door. Then Felipe ran as fast as he could and tripped broke his leg and said, "I was just trying to see how fast you can run"! 6 month pasted Felipe was in the jail and herd 3 taps on the wall and just cried for hour and hour. I did not do any thing it was the next door neighbor.

Do not ask how I got this story!!!!!