How the movie "Titanic" relates to suffering and death

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In the movie "Titanic", a James Cameron film, the theme is the tragic story in 1912 when the Titanic sunk in the North Atlantic. In this movie many people die and are forced to cope with suffering. Personally, I think the director of the movie was trying to stress the point of exactly how many people were impacted by this and how scary and realistic this time was.

It is obvious throughout the whole movie that the director, James Cameron, was trying to make history come alive. He stressed on the account of an unbridled couple; Rose and Jack. Rose was very wealthy and currently engaged when she met Jack on the Titanic; nevertheless, she is unhappy with her life. Rose is suffering because her mother is forcing her to marry someone she doesn't love; thus she tries to commit suicide and Jack stumbles in to save her.

They engage in many meetings causing Rose's fiancé to suffer who later tries to kill them and frames Jack. At the end of the movie the Titanic is sinking. Rose and Jack are together and they help each other get to a safe (considering their circumstances) place. Jack allows Rose to sit upon a floating piece of wood with himself still in the freezing water. As the night goes on, a crew member comes back looking for people that have survived this tragedy. Rose awakens and finds that Jack has died; he had saved her. Rose promising to never let go, lets Jack sink into the ocean and calls for the crewman. Back on the next ship that takes Rose to America, she changes her name to Dawson (Jack's last name) and with that; her family thinks she died when the Titanic went under.

This incident leaves Rose...