Movie Villains.

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Movie Villains

Villains have been alive forever, there is no way to easily detect them or stopping them. They come in all shapes and sizes from animals to little children to even space aliens. Hopefully if I categorize them into different categories it will become a little bit easier to distinguish them apart. Being a big movie fan myself, I noticed that there are five main types of villains. Villains can range from regular robbers, to criminal masterminds, and even the paranormal villains.

One of the most widely used villains through out movies is the murder. What does it take for a character to be portrayed as a murder? To be a murder in a movie the character must kill of other characters, either as a planned murder or random acts of murder. An example of a murder from a movie is Woody Harrelson and his role in Natural Born Killers.

Woody plays a character that is considered a psycho who murders well over 30 people in the film and all them being random victims. Woody's character can obviously pass a murder because he meets the requirements of killing at least one person through out the movie and in Woody's case he meets the requirement a couple times. There is another villain that also murders people but is more likely portrayed in this next category.

Since the 1920s directors have been putting monsters in their movies to scare people. A monster is basically a character that is not human. They can look human but there has to be something about them that is not human. An example of a monster that looks human but really is not is Jack Frost and his role as a vampire in Blade. Jack Frost plays a vampire that kills helpless victims by sucking their...